Growing up, my parents owned a 1959 Cadillac. We all loved that car. In fact, when I graduated high school, my parents gave me the Cadillac as a graduation gift. That car got me through college and into my first job as a receptionist at the local car shop. I ended up selling my Cadillac shortly after getting married, though, as we were planning our family. I have never stopped regretting that decision.

These days, my husband and I own our own car shop. We were tired of working for other people so, seven years ago, we started our own. We both love being our own boss! Anyways, we named our shop Cadillac’s Saloon in honor of my old favorite car. At our opening, my husband surprised me with a 1959 Cadillac just like the one I had years before! I was quite surprised and in awe.

My husband and I decided to start this site as a way to talk about car maintenance. At Cadillac’s Saloon, we find that so many issues can be dealt with by the owner rather than paying high prices for others to fix them. Our goal is to help our customers help themselves. When maintenance is more than they can handle, then they can come to us.

I hope this site is helpful to you!