Finding the Right Battery

If you have ever had to shop for a car battery, you may have been overwhelmed with the variety available. It can be hard to determine which battery you should purchase for your vehicle, especially since every driver and every car require certain things.

It is likely you will need to replace the battery in your car several times throughout the life of your vehicle. Many times, it is due to the old age of the battery or leaving the lights on unintentionally. If you find you need a new battery for your car, below is a list to help you find what you need.

  • Consult your vehicle’s manual: your owners manual should have the information you need to replace your battery. Otherwise, you need to find a battery fitting guide. It is imperative to find the right size and shape needed for your vehicle since using the wrong size will not give your vehicle the power it needs and may not fit securely.
  • Consider the climate you live in: when purchasing a battery, think about the driving conditions and the typical climate you live in. Since high temperatures where batteries down faster than cold temperatures, those living in hot climates need to purchase a battery that is longer-lasting. You should also consider a long life battery if most of your driving is on short trips. This is because short trips do not give your battery enough time to recharge.
  • Test your battery properly: make sure the battery you choose has a good reserve capacity and cranks well in cold weather. There are many variations when it comes to performance amongst batteries.

When changing your battery, never throw it into a regular trash bin since it contains toxic lead and acid. Most retailers will take the old battery and dispose of it for you. They will likely also waive the core charge typically associated with disposing of the battery when you return the old one to them. Just like when you fix phone screen and have your phone battery replaced the shops can usually sell the old parts to companies that recycle and make money.  So don’t make sure you turn your battery in.

Any time you purchase a new battery, hold on to the receipt. Also, look for the warranty for replacements. Most new batteries will be guaranteed and can be replaced for free if it dies before the end of the warranty.