Knowing When You Need to Replace Your Catalytic Converter

The emissions control system of your vehicle depends on the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter reduces toxic air into emissions that are less harmful, such as water, nitrogen, carbon dioxide. If you suspect a there is a malfunction with your catalytic converter, you should schedule a trip to your local car shop.

There are several ways to tell if your catalytic converter is failing. The first is when you cannot accelerate your car by stepping on your gas pedal. Your catalytic converter works with the emissions control devices in your vehicle, including the powertrain control module, or PCM. Therefore, you will start having problems with the emissions system of your car when the catalytic converter doesn’t work properly.

If your car will not start, or if it shuts off after a few minutes, you may have problems with your catalytic converter. Your local service shop will have to test to see if you have a faulty one or not.

Many times, your check engine light will come on if your catalytic converter is faulty. If this happens, it is best to take your car into the shop to have a professional evaluated. The catalytic converter is only one potential problem you could be having.

If the fuel efficiency of your car drops suddenly, there is a good chance your catalytic converter may be faulty. You will find yourself filling up at the gas station more often than you previously did.

Your vehicle must have a yearly emissions test to stay on the road. If your vehicle fails the emissions test, it may be because of the catalytic converter. This is how many people discover their catalytic converter has become faulty. The purpose of the annual car inspection is to keep the roads safe and to deal with any problems before they become worse.

Most times, the catalytic converter fails because of the cars age. Over time, it becomes clogged and the exhaust gas is unable to flow out of the car through the muffler. When the exhaust cannot exit the rear, it comes to the front and smothers out the engine. If you are having problems with your catalytic converter, visit your local car shop immediately.