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A car is a personal or commercial motor vehicle that is used for transportation purposes by elite and middle class alike. However, as people think, vehicles aren’t designed to run continuously deprived of their periodic maintenance. If you don’t give proper attention to the maintenance and wait till problems start to appear, you will end up damaging the vehicle even more and as a result paying additional for the maintenance. However, with periodic car maintenance, you can easily save yourself from unexpected problems.

Here are some tips about car maintenance that will not only increase the value and life of your car; they will also improve its performance:

  • Timely Oil Change

Every individual who purchases a new vehicle plans that he or she will change the oil as soon a milestone has been reached. But as time passes, people don’t consider timely oil change as a significant thing and don’t give it proper attention. Changing the oil in a timely manner is strongly recommended by every manufacturing company. For most of the famous vehicles that milestone is 3,750 miles but you should not rely on such information; you have to consult with the company and ask them their recommended distance on which you should change the oil without waiting for another mile. Always remember that oil is responsible for the proper lubrication of engine parts which otherwise can break due to the continuous friction.

  • Periodic Radiator Check-Ups

Before going to a drive, especially on a long distance, make sure that radiator is full with the water. However, it would be good if you have a professional check at least once in every three months in order to check the anti-freeze level in your cooling system because if your car overheats, it may cause substantial damage to the engine. You can easily avoid potential damages to your car engine and other parts by getting your radiator checked by professionals periodically.

  • General Inspection

It is recommended that you should at least have a thorough inspection of your vehicle every three months. You can take your car to a dealership or an experienced motor mechanic for this purpose. An experienced motor mechanic will sit with you and go for a test drive in order to find out if every system is working at its best. Your motor mechanic will check for:

  • engine
  • suspension
  • breaks
  • electrical system
  • heating and cooling
  • clutch
  • wheels
  • tyres
  • battery
  • oil, coolant, and other fluids
  • lights
  • wipers

If you quick car checkup uncovers some potential problems, your motor mechanic will note them down and will share the final results with you. He/she will also explain the reasons behind the issue and the cost/time associated with repairing them. Sometimes it may require a simple replacement, other times your motor mechanic may have to do some repairs to solve the issue. In both cases, makes sure you follow the expert advice shared by your motor mechanic.